Caregiver Training and Support

We firmly believe that a crucial part of helping your child involves giving you the tools you need to help them achieve. During our time together, you can expect nothing short of consistent training, support, and communication to ensure you, your child, and your family are successful. 

Caregiver training generally begins by familiarizing you with the basic principles of ABA and how to view your child’s behavior from that lens. From there we progress to more hands on work, commencing first in your home and eventually into the community and across other relevant contexts. Trainings are customized to meet your and your child’s unique needs.

In addition to caregiver training, we hold weekly team meetings with your child’s therapists (you are encouraged to attend) to ensure strategies and learning objectives are thoroughly evaluated, adjusted, and communicated. We also hold periodic caregiver meetings where we discuss your child’s progress, share victories, make global changes, determine other needs and concerns, and assess how these elements align with their long-term treatment goals.